Your most trustworthy eyewitnessDrivePro™ Car Video Recorders
Free up storage space on your iOS devicesJetDrive™ Go 500
Embedded SSD SolutionsMaximize your system performance and reliability for all industrial applications
The perfect match for your iOS device
Transcend's Lightning offerings, crafted for use with iOS devices, include a smart card reader for instant file transfer between Apple devices and memory cards, and flash drives for immediate storage expansion.
DrivePro 50 Good Design Award 2016 수상
2016년, DrivePro 50이 또 한번 혁신 및 심플리시티 부문 수상을 차지하였습니다.
USB 타입C: 생활을 더욱 편리하게
새로운 기기 그리고 새로운 연결방식! USB 타입C가 대세입니다.
Intelligent Power Shield
During solid state drive (SSD) operation, data is temporarily stored in the DRAM cache memory…

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