Supporting all Transcend SSDs, Transcend’s Scope Pro is a convenient software package that helps users monitor and manage SSD status via an intuitive interface. It offers various useful features, including drive information and S.M.A.R.T. status monitoring, diagnostic scan, secure erase, health indication, and system clone.

Scope Pro is particulalrly suitable for embedded hosts or systems that operate offline, where online operation is not available or confidentiality is so crucial that online work is not permissible.

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  • Status
  • Tool
  • System Clone


Monitor SSD health status with an intuitive, adjustable indicator lights and status bar. The software will notify users when an SSD needs attention.

  • Drive Information
    Display an SSD's standard drive information. Meanwhile, S.M.A.R.T. status, featuring Erase Count, Spare Blocks, and Power Cycle Count, detects possible drive failures before they actually occur.
  • Capacity
    Display the available, used, and total capacity of the SSD.
  • Lifetime Status
    Indicators illustrate SSD health status (Drive Endurance, Valid Spare Blocks, Bad Blocks, Wear out indicator). Users can adjust threshold settings as needed.


Monitor SSD read/write performance and manage the SSD with convenient scan and erase tools.

  • Performance Testing
    Display sequential and random read/write speeds.
  • Secure Erase
    Permanently delete all data stored on the SSD.
  • Diagnostic Scan
    Perform a "Quick Scan" or "Full Scan" for an overall health evaluation of the SSD.

System Clone

System Clone is a disk imaging tool designed for cloning the entire original drive, including the operating system (OS), programs, and data, to a new Transcend SSD.

More value-added features
Tailor-made SDK

OneTouch Recovery offers software development kit (SDK) that facilitates seamless integration with your current system, such as Windows and Linux, to carry out smooth operation. Flexibility and compatibility are crucial to our customers, and so they are to us.

Remote management

With automatic notification and instant check on the dashboard, remote management gives users great conveniecne and higher efficiency in managing multiple SSDs at one time.

Prolong SSD lifespan

Any issues on SSD can be immediately identified and solved. Users can carry out maintenance on a regular basis. This significantly prolongs SSD lifespan and is truly cost efficient.

Optimal performance

By always placing SSD in the best condition, your business can reach the optimal performance that achieves valuable outcomes.

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